MYCOOLTV partners with leading hospitality organizations
Coolioo hosts the best quality video services tailored for the hotel guests. Together with more than 30 content partners,
we provide hotel guests with a variety of high-quality content such as dance.
"With MyCoolTv, we’ve been able to offer our guests a comprehensive infotainment resource. It not only enables easier access to a diverse array of services, even like the latest Hollywood movies, which helps a lot in increasing guest satisfaction, but also serves as our revenue driver & cost saver, such as the “Heavenly Bed” promotion and guests messaging function particularly developed for Westin, I believe, MyCoolTv will be further helpful to our commitment to deliver unforgettable guest experience.”
— David Ness, General Manager
“MyCoolTv has offered our guests a wide range of TV channel choices and many other customized channels. We‘ve been able to meet our guests’ demands in both a comprehensive & individualized way, to a great satisfaction of them. Furthermore, the system also allows us to have a more complete portrait of our customers so that we could develop more sophisticated strategies for our guest service and the development of the hotel as a whole.”
— Thomas Vaucouleur de Ville d'Avray, General Manager
“Thanks to the Bili’s MyCoolTv, we’ve been able to make a reality for the first time. It’s just as easy to connect with the guests through the TV screen with the elegant music and video. Meanwhile, we appreciate the user-friendly interface and rich contents to our guests. It is expected that it will be well-received and will contributed to the overall positive stay experience to our guest."
— Yap Jtawen, General Manager