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Company News

DEC 2023

Healthcare and
Well-being Business Achievements

Our healthcare and well-being business has made remarkable progress, establishing us as industry leaders. 
Following our collaboration with Taikang, China’s largest chain CCRC, our TV Butler system was launched in 8 Taikang communities in 2023. The new generation of healthcare TV Butler systems was also put into operation in 2023 at the Shanghai Pudong Xin Yu Happy Retirement Home, a key public welfare project in Pudong New Area. 

15 JUN 2023

Capital Growth and Investment Highlights

Successfully completed a Series A financing round of RMB 210 million, a significant milestone in the company's development. 
The financing was led by industry leaders in the Chinese smart TV sector Skyworth Technology, with the funds set to boost our international strategy, including providing services to hotel groups, cruise ships, and resorts, and establishing a high-quality tourism media social network platform for the Asia-Pacific region. This capital injection also provides a strong impetus for our expansion into the broader health and eldercare industry Area. 

JUN 2023

Strategic Partners

Richard Hsu, a passionate educator, international branding expert, and Chinese TED× ambassador, will work closely with our company. We plan to combine warm humanistic and artistic design concepts with high- quality audiovisual technology to lead industry development.

Feb 2023

Industry Engagement

Invited to attend the Hilton Hotel Group's annual conference. Our new team participated in several hotel industry events, further solidifying our deep business cooperation and long-term learning relationships.

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