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We leverage advanced AI technology to create cost-effective solutions for premium hotel experiences. 


AI-Powered Promotion for Revenue Boost

Hotels can leverage their bespoke "TikTok-like" platform to advertise in-house services, thereby enhancing guest spending. Moreover, they have the opportunity to generate additional income by hosting advertisements for external brands, tapping into the lucrative stream of advertising revenues.

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AI-Driven Recommendations to Elevate Guest Experience

Our AI technology curates personalized content recommendations, ensuring guests discover services and experiences that resonate with their preferences, thereby enhancing their stay.


AIGC Content Creation Service

We provide assistance to hotels in harnessing AI-generated content (AIGC) to create engaging video advertisements, maximizing the potential of their TikTok platforms for marketing and guest engagement.

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360 Hospitality

Service on your Palm


Our mobile-based solution is an integrated solution that provides seamless digital journey that covers services including online check-in, mobile key, online check-out. With our in-mobile chatbot, it can also cater to online ordering, room management and act as digital compendiums.

Our cost-effective AI products are highly customisable according to users' needs. We use modern and sleek designs that contributes to a premium user experience.

AI-generated Experience


Our cost-effective in-room content solution can generate well-rounded content in a short period of time. They are highly personalised to your hotel customers' preferences with our behavioural learning programs.

Premium Content

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We leverage premium content from a wide range of providers to ensure high-quality entertainment that caters every customers' needs. It features everything from international travel, lifestyle to blockbuster movies.

Humanized Experience


With our AI Butler, our chatbot service can make personalised recommendations that integrate our products into a seamless humanized experience.

Our Partners

Over the years, we have worked with numerous hotels to help elevating their experiences. 

"MyCoolTV has offered our guests a wide range of TV channel choices and many other
customized channels. We've been able to meet our guests' demands in both a comprehensive & individualized way, to a great satisfaction of them. Furthermore, the system also allows us to have a more complete portrait of our customers so that we could develop more sophisticated strategies for our guest service and the development of the hotel as a whole."

Thomas Vaucouleur de Ville d'Avray,

General Manager

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